The Mission of CLUE-VC

Mom activists in parade with kidsWe are a county-wide coalition of faith-rooted advocates united to:

• Raise the level of awareness among our congregations of the linkage between economic justice and the imperatives of faith.

• Engage congregations in efforts to influence policy and public opinion to achieve economic justice, particularly for our region’s working poor.

CLUE VC banner

Public Witness

A Brief History

CLUE-VC was established in 2001 through the realization that the voices of people of faith are powerful yet were missing from the livable wage debate. In partnership with churches and faith communities throughout Ventura County, we developed successful campaigns resulting in a living wage standard for Ventura County, the creation of more than 500 units of new farm worker affordable housing, and a moratorium on Walmart in Ventura. Since then, CLUE-VC has emerged as a vital participant and faith community mobilizer in efforts to achieve economic justice.

Today we recognize that some of the most marginalized, vulnerable and disadvantaged people within Ventura County are our farm workers and immigrant families. Through training congregants and bringing the workers’ voices to city coalitions and decision makers, we advocate for humane and just living and working conditions for Ventura County families.