CLUE’s Transition and Farewell to Claudia Leiva

Dear Community,

This past June, the CLUE Board of Directors and staff determined that the organization would focus its entire efforts on developing our leadership program for undocumented youth which we have been growing since 2009.  Dreamers Without Borders  will continue to develop its leadership program for undocumented youth and their families in Ventura County, which will serve as a model for immigrant youth and their families around the country who work to spur changes in local, state and even national policy affecting immigrant communities.

CLUE Dreamers Without Borders have already been, and will continue to serve, as an integral part of the Central Coast Immigrant Rights Coalition, which educates the community about laws and rights affecting immigrant families and works for change.  CLUE Dreamers Without Borders will also continue to take a lead role in the annual Immigrant Day lobbying effort in Sacramento – meeting with elected officials to advise them about needed reforms.

Because current funding requires us to reduce our staffing commitment, effective August 19th, our organization will reluctantly phase out the Executive Director position, bidding farewell to Claudia Leiva. Our ongoing work will be coordinated by our part-time organizer, Brenda Lievanos, who has been on staff since 2015 and initially became involved with CLUE as a member of Dreamers Without Borders.

The Board is extremely proud of the direction our program has taken and the leadership, both staff and volunteer, of that program as we move forward.  Look out for Dreamers Without Borders registering people to vote, leading Know You Rights presentations and working throughout the community to lift the voices of undocumented students, their families and their communities for greater justice for all!


The 2016 Presidential Elections are around the corner… Have you registered to vote?

CLUE’s Dreamers Without Borders are out in the community, bringing the electoral process to the streets!  Dreamers and other immigrant youth and young adults are fanning out across Oxnard to ensure that all those eligible to vote are registered and ready to cast their ballots this coming November. This election is an extremely important one for immigrant communities, which are composed of “mixed status families”.

Some members of the same family might be US citizens, others Lawful Permanent Residents and still others without any lawful status at all in the U.S. Because of this, we are working with those members of our families and communities who ARE U.S. citizens to ensure that they vote, to raise not only their own voice, but the voices of their brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, who are not yet able to vote.  We are showing that even without a vote, immigrant youth have a voice and they are using it.

Your contribution is needed to support our efforts!  

A $20 donation will buy a Dreamers T-Shirt for a
member of our Voter Registration Drive Corps.

A $50 donation will fill the gas stank of our
Voter Registration Drive van,
to take Corps-members around town.